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encontrar la ubicación de un amigo para Android

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Zenly is a map that lets you know what your friends and family are up to. Millions of people around the world have shown that Zenly allows you to spend more time with the people you care about most, and brings you a little closer to those people, even when you don't have that opportunity. Using Zenly you can:

- You can see exactly where your friends are and what they are doing

- When you cannot reach your friends because they are out of charge, you will know about it

- Touch your phones with your friends and let others know that you are hanging out together

- You will know if your friends are at home, school or work, or if they are heading to one of these places

- You can go to your friends with your favorite transportation apps without asking for an address

- Receive notifications when your friends travel abroad

- You can shower your friends with your favorite emojis (hint: turn up the volume)

- You can find out which friends are together with the flame icon on the map and you can create a group chat with one tap

- You can set your location vaguely or frozen and lose your track as much as you want

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